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Rosina Fabius, mezzo soprano
Amarins Wierdsma, violin
Prunella Pacey, viola
Guus Fabius, cello
Nancy  Braithwaite clarinet
The Arto Ensemble is  the core ensemble in a chamber music series in Bunnik, The Netherlands. We  invite many wonderful musical friends to join us in our concerts.



Elisabeth Perry, violin
Chris Duindam, violin
Matthias Naegele, cello
Nancy Braithwaite, clarinet
and many fantastic guest artists.


The Rietveld Ensemble is  an ensemble based in
Utrecht,  where we have our own series in
at the Choir School in that city.
In addition we have a series in The Hague and 
in Amsterdam.
Nancy Braithwaite, clarinet
Matthias Naegele, cello
Vaughan Schlepp, piano
The Frühling Trio has a wide repertoire of works from classical, romantic , 20th century and contemporary composers.
We also have a program with fortepiano.
We are teachers at Codarts, The Rotterdam Conservatory
and perform regularly in faculty chamber music concerts.
Nancy Braithwaite, clarinet
Vaughan Schlepp, piano
Vaughan and I studied together at the Eastman School of Music
in the USA and have both lived and worked in The Netherlands for
most of our adult lives. Our teachers at Eastman  also played together
and we find our music making   effortless and joyful.



Nancy Braithwaite, clarinet

Ron Ephrat, viola

Roderigo Medina de Robles, Piano










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